Monday, April 22, 2013

In the Weeds

Sorry about neglecting this blog for a bit, but things happen.  Medical appointments, weeds in the garden (some taller than the rose bushes) and everyday, new ones grow, especially after a spring rain.  I have been talking retirement with my twin sister too -- originally, she wanted to work for 5 more years (she has a great pension coming), but I guess the diagnosis of congestive heart failure alters one's mind set.  Personally, I would love for her to retire -- we would then be two old fogies in our tatty waffle bathrobes, arguing about who will pull the weeds.   :)

From my garden ...


  1. Oh I agree ~ life it too short to put off those precious moments we share in robes.
    I'm a push over for roses and grow several myself ~ yours are simply lovely.
    Here's sending you both good wishes & healing energy!

  2. Yes, my oldest robe is actually 22 years old. I had considered using it in my dog's bed but why should he be more comfortable than I am? :)

  3. Lovely roses! Hope you and your sister are able to enjoy retirement together soon.

  4. She's decided to stay on a little longer, perhaps 2 years. Her employer has allowed her to take another position in the company that would be much less stressful. What nice people -- you don't get kind employers like that anymore these days.