Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Crapola

With the coming of Glorious Spring is my sister having breathing issues and now heart trouble.  Fortunately, she didn't wait too long and the doctor was able to diagnose high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and weakened heart (congestive heart failure).  So she stayed in KAISER Hospital overnight and they drained four pounds of fluid out of her lungs and ankles and feet.   I know the term *heart failure* is quite alarming, but apparently, that's what doctors want to call it.  (What about Naughty Heart Syndrome, eh, doc?)  Hopefully, she will come home tonight after two more cardiac tests.  The doctor seemed quite lovely.


  1. Oh wow... she'll be in my thoughts for a super speedy recovery! Thanks so much for letting us know~

  2. Yeah, that was a bit of a shock. And I can't say she's looking forward to that practically no-salt diet either. No more Western bacon burgers! :(