Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I Ordered on AMAZON

What does one do while waiting for the Election of the New Pope?  Why, go shopping on AMAZON of course!  This is what I purchased in the last two weeks.  (No, I don't have a car and yes, the UPS man hates me.)

3 bottles of LYSOL Toilet Bowl Cleaner  (Buy 2, Get 1 Free!)  Only $7.41!  I have seen a bottle of this stuff for $4+ at the supermarket, so I think this was a good deal. Free AMAZON PRIME shipping too!

RESCUE Disposable Fly Trap, 2 traps.  $5.86 each.  This is no bargain but I can't be bothered going to HOME DEPOT either.  After about a month, particularly in the summer, you will have collected so many flies in this trap that the bag resembles a smelly bubbling stomach of writhing raisins. Delish!

LIFE AT HOME IN THE 21ST CENTURY. By Jeane E. Arnold, et al.  $16.47.  An interesting look at the way families live in the here & now.  Many many pictures of clutter.  Still, you haven't REALLY seen clutter unless you visit a flat in Tokyo.

CASABELLA LOOP 3 PIECE BRUSH SET.  $9.62.  3 brushes of varying lengths with extra rigid nylon bristles.  I could probably have gotten these cheaper elsewhere, but I like the different shapes & colors.

THE 106 COMMON MISTAKES HOMEBUYERS MAKE (AND HOW TO AVOID THEM). By Gary W. Eldred. 2005. $11.35A little outdated, but still useful.  I purchased this for my brother who is looking for his first home.  Since his budget is exceedingly limited, I hope he doesn't wind up with some haunted fixer-upper.

HIGH CRIMES: THE FATE OF EVEREST IN AN AGE OF GREED. By Michael Kodas. 2009. $6.40 paperbackI wish I hadn't bought this deeply depressing book.  So far, in the first few chapters, Everest seems to be populated by evil thieving Sherpas.  I hope the writing gets more even-handed by the conclusion.

LITTLE CITY DOGS Monthly Flea Control Pills, 12 Lufenuron Capsules  $25.  I was quite upset when I found that PROGRAM no longer produced the meds I used for my demon-possessed Maltese, so I am glad these suddenly showed up in my search.


  1. Life at Home in the 21st Century just went on my Wish List. Looks VERY interesting. I'm also curious about the 106 Common Mistakes of Homebuyers (downloaded a sample to Kindle). Having recently gotten out of real estate after only a short time, I'd be interested in what the author has to say about the client / agent relationship. Anyway, I like your eclectic reading list!

  2. In LIFE AT HOME, there is even a section on the refrigerator door as photo display! A lot of these homes are super cluttered though -- some rooms even appear to be on *hoarder* level.